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What is Cellulitis?

Cellulitis is a painful skin disease that affects many people. It may show as a discolored, swollen area that is hot and painful to the touch at first. The swelling and discoloration can spread swiftly.

Cellulitis usually appears red or pink on light skin. It might seem dark brown, grey, or purple on dark skin. With DoctorHelpMySkin, you can be sure to get the best orbital & periorbital cellulitis treatment.

If left untreated, the infection can spread to any part of the body and cause serious problems. Cellulitis normally affects the skin's surface, but it can also harm the tissues beneath it. The infection has the potential to spread to lymph nodes and circulation.

Cellulitis can become life-threatening if it is not treated. If you develop symptoms, get effective cellulitis antibiotic treatment.

Types of Cellulitis?


Periorbital cellulitis

Periorbital cellulitis is an infection of the eyelid and surrounding tissues, whereas orbital cellulitis is an infection of the eyeball and surrounding tissues. With us, you get the best orbital & periorbital cellulitis treatment.

Facial cellulitis

Facial cellulitis

Facial cellulitis is an infection that affects the tissues of the face. It usually appears on the cheeks. It can also happen behind or around your eyes, on your neck, or behind your ears. The affected skin becomes red, swollen, heated, and sore as a result of cellulitis.
There is a distinct boundary around the reddish spots. Fluid may flow from an open sore (pus). A fever, chills, and pain may be present in your youngster. A young child may be clingy, cry, and be difficult to calm.

Breast cellulitis

Breast cellulitis

Breast cellulitis is a skin infection caused by bacteria entering the body through breaks in the skin barrier. It’s a rare situation and requires immediate medical consultation. Get effective cellulitis antibiotic treatment on DoctorHelpMySkin.

Perianal cellulitis

Perianal cellulitis

Cellulitis caused by perianal bacteria is more common in children. Occur due to scrubbing area after using toilet, the skin around anus may become infected. Provide your child with the right treatment for cellulitis with us.

How to Prevent Cellulitis?

Skin injury

Avoid skin injury

Cuts, burns, sunburns, frostbite, stings from bees & other insects are all examples of skin injuries. Take precautions when conducting any activity and consult us for best treatment for cellulitis.

Skin clean

Keep skin clean

Bacteria that cause cellulitis are washed away by keeping your skin clean & maintaning hygine. Moisturizing your skin helps to avoid skin fissures, which can let bacteria into your body.

Treat lymphedema

Treat lymphedema

Lymphedema is a condition that increases your chances of developing cellulitis. Lymphedema can be treated with exercise, compression bandages, & elevation though there is no medical cure.

Nail manicured

Keep nails manicured

A damaged nail could scratch yourself unintentionally. You should avoid injuring the surrounding skin while cutting your fingernails and toenails. Cellulitis antibiotic treatment is an optimal solution.

Treat infections

Treat infections promptly

Cellulitis can be caused by infections like athlete's foot or impetigo, you should treat it as soon as you discover symptoms. Consult with the top specialist for Cellulitis treatment on DoctorHelpMyskin.

Treat medical

Treat medical conditions

Likely to occur when you have another medical problem. Risk can be reduced by addressing illnesses such as diabetes, eczema. You can trust us for orbital & periorbital cellulitis treatment.

How DoctorhelpMySkin can help you?

Cellulitis can be life-threatening if it goes untreated, so if you notice symptoms, see your doctor right away. You’ll likely be prescribed a round of antibiotics for 5-14 days. Even if your symptoms seem to go away, it’s vital to finish your entire antibiotic prescription. If your symptoms get worse, your rash doesn’t begin to clear, or you develop a fever, contact your doctor again. More severe cases may require a hospital stay or surgery.

At home, keep the area clean. To limit swelling, keep the affected area raised higher than your heart. You can apply a clean, cool washcloth to cool your skin.

DoctorhelpMySkin is your one-stop solution for all skin problems. Our skin specialists have expertise in various skin-related medical conditions, which provides you the convenience to get the best treatment for cellulitis from the comfort of your home.

Our doctors are known to provide effective orbital & periorbital cellulitis treatment.