Frequently Asked Questions

What is DoctorHelpMySkin?

DoctorHelpMySkin provides a telemedicine visit, in the convenience of your home and provides you with a diagnosis and treatment plan for your skin rash or a skin problem/ concern through our mobile app or website. Specifically, we are a medical group of skin care doctors, who evaluate, diagnose, and treat Skin rash or skin problems for our patients. Our group of doctors are accessible from your home, work or anywhere you choose 24-hours a day. Board certified doctors treat your non-emergency skin care concern. Our doctors review your symptoms and diagnose your skin concern and create a personal skin treatment plan specific to you and may prescribe medications to your preferred pharmacy. After you begin treatment, we will follow up to review your progress in the following week.

What if I do not have insurance?

You do not need health insurance to receive skin care from DoctorHelpMySkin. We charge a flat rate fee of $40 for an appointment. This includes the review of your concern by one of our board-certified doctors, your diagnosis, and your treatment plan. If your treatment requires a prescription, your prescription will be sent to your preferred pharmacy. Pick-up your prescription like you would any other medication. No hidden fees or extra costs.

Can I get a prescription without seeing a doctor?

It is very important to review your signs and symptoms and make a diagnosis before we write you a prescription. You can get a prescription without going into the doctor’s office by having a consultation for your skin rash or skin problem with one of our online doctors. Online doctors can write prescriptions and prescription refills after tele visit. Prescriptions will be sent to your pharmacy.

What is the difference between DoctorHelpMySkin and an Office Skin Care Doctor?

They work similarly, one online and the other in the office. Physicians in DoctorHelpMySkin hold a respective state medical license in the state where they practice medicine and are board certified. Practicing medicine through our website is the same as practicing medicine face-to-face, per the requirements of all State Boards of Medicine. Telemedicine also allows our doctors to reach patients who are not able to go to a Dermatology office appointment. Sometimes, patients are not able travel to an office appointment. Other patients may be limited by a busy schedule, which can delay their needed care. We feel our patients receive somewhat care better than an in-person medical visit because they do not have to travel or wait for an appointment and so will receive a timely diagnosis and they will not be rushed like in office setup and they get more details about their skin condition that they can read, review and ask questions. Many areas in the country do not have a Dermatologist nearby or they cannot get appointment on time and sometimes they will have to wait for many weeks which can be avoided with our DoctorHelpMySkin website.

How long does it take to receive a diagnosis and prescription?

We guarantee a response within 24 hours. Typically, the response is a diagnosis, treatment plan and prescription. If a case is more complex, it may take longer than 24 hours to be completed but you will still receive communication from your doctor within 24 hours.

What if I need a lab test?

If you need to have lab work done to have a diagnosis and treatment plan, our doctors can recommend the appropriate lab tests and write you a lab order.

What happens if DoctorHelpMySkin cannot treat my concern?

DoctorHelpMySkin doctors are board certified and evaluate any skin rash or skin problem. If your post skin rash/problem might need biopsy to diagnose, it might warrant an in-person consultation to make a diagnosis. Telemedicine is still a great way to start the medical evaluation process and find out if you need to see an in-person doctor. If one of our doctors observes something in your visit that needs to be treated in-person, (such as a suspicious mole needing a biopsy, a wart needing to be frozen off, or if it warrants a skin procedure), we will help you connect with a local clinic or doctor that can better assist you.

What if I need help with the app or website?

We have technical assistance available to you for any issues you might encounter when using DoctorHelpMySkin. You can email us at and we will get back to you right away. You can also reach us at anytime through the Contact Support at the bottom of the website.