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What is Nail Infection

Nail fungus is a fungal infection of your fingernail or toenail. It usually begins as a yellow or white spot under your nail that spreads, discoloring the entire nail and causing it to become thick and/or cracked.

The treatment of nail fungal infections can be time-consuming. Antifungal medicines, topical ointments, and alternative remedies are available. We advise consulting a toenail fungus specialist for nail fungus & discoloration treatment.

Types of Nail Infection


Distal subungual infection

Most frequent type of infection that affects both fingernails and toenails. When infected, the nail's outer edge becomes ragged, with white and/or yellow streaks running across it. Get the right yellow nails treatment at DoctorHelpMyskin.


White superficial infection

Toenails are commonly affected by white superficial infections. It infects the upper layers of the nail, causing distinct white spots to appear. For similar symptoms, doctors at DoctorHelpMyskin provide effective nail fungus treatment.


Proximal subungual infection

Proximal subungual infections affect both fingernails and toenails and are infrequent. As the infection grows higher, yellow patches form at the base of the nail. Don’t wait and get the optimal yellow nails treatment at DoctorHelpMySkin.


Candida infection

Candida infection of the nail plate is caused by paronychia and typically begins at the nail fold. The bulging and red nail fold usually lift off the nail plate. On the adjoining nail, white, yellow, green, or black scars develop and spread. If you press on the nail, it may rise off its bed and become painful.

How to Prevent Nail Disorders?

Wear shoe that fit

Wear shoe that fit

Wearing ill-sized shoes can result in problems like ingrown nails, blisters, & sores. Make sure your shoes are not too narrow or tight and fit perfectly on your feet. Consider DoctorHelpMySkin for any kind of nail fungus treatment.

Use moisturizer

Protect against injury

Fungus can enter the nail bed or skin around nails when you hurt them. Never rip or bite off a hangnail, and never bite your nails in general. Keep nails healthy and get nail fungus & discoloration treatment.

Avoid barefoot walking.

Avoid barefoot walking.

Fungi that reside in locker rooms, public pools, baths, and other similar settings, can potentially infect your toes. Always wear flip-flops, sandals, or shower shoes to avoid infection and every kind of nail disorders.

Dry nails & clean

Keep nails dry & clean

Keep nails dry & clean to prevent bacteria from growing under fingernails. Nails are bound to split when staying in prolonged contact with water. DoctorHelpMySkin is an optimal place to get yellow nails treatment .

Protective layer

Apply a protective layer

If you wish to use cosmetic nail polish, you should first apply antifungal base coat. It functions as a shield between your nails and hazardous nail polish. For any symptoms get nail fungus treatment or DoctorHelpMySkin.

Use Nailcutter

Clip nails carefully

Nail biting disorder is a very common condition that exists in both children and adults. Use a nail cutter to maintain hygiene & prevent multiple diseases. For trusted nail biting treatment Consult a nail specialist on DoctorHelpMySkin.

How DoctorhelpMySkin can help you?

Nail fungus can be difficult to treat. The first step is receiving a diagnosis from your doctor. At Dr. Help My Skin you can have a diagnosis within 24 hours after a doctor reviews your photos and symptoms. Once the condition is confirmed, your doctor will likely recommend one of two treatment options.

Topical medication is applied directly to the infected nail. Depending on which medicine you’re prescribed, you might apply it once a day or once a week. It’s vital to follow your treatment plan to completely get rid of the fungal infection. The topical medication will keep the fungus at bay while your new, uninfected nail grows out. It usually takes 4-6 months for fingernails and 12-18 months for toenails.

Antifungal pills are typically prescribed for more severe cases. They work more quickly than topical medications: in two months a fingernail fungus infection will be gone and in three months a toenail fungus infection will be gone. However, you’ll need routine blood work as the medicine can cause side effects.